This license is geared toward artists signed to a record label, and other productions that intend to have large distributions. A key benefit is the discounted royalty rate.


2 Recordings
5,000 Free Copies
Free Term: 24 months
Grace Period: 8 months
Royalty Rate: 75%
Credits: Written
Exclusive: 12 months
Sync / Performance

Music Video
YouTube Video
Live Performances
Radio Play
Term: Perpetual


Record up to 2 songs ("master recordings") on this beat. The first 5000 copies that you sell or give away in the first 24 months will be royalty free! You will also have a 8 month grace period to release your song before the royalty free period begins. If royalties become due, the author agrees to a discounted royalty rate of 75% of the current statuatory rate per unit. The author requests a written credit to be included in the title or credits section of the completed songs.

You are permitted to perform this music in a live show or concert. You are also permitted to receive radio play under the terms of this license.

Also, synchronize this composition in a Music Video, or YouTube Video with the right to broadcast it Worldwide on a perpetual